Not much happening... Boring Blog! :(

Well Hello People....Few days sense I last posted... I did get to unemployment only to be told to go on line and do a resume'... OK but HOW!?
I don't know how to do a resume' really. Whatever, Ill check it out i suppose.
She did also give me a little note with some class names and dates n times.. OK cool.
She said its for people who WANT to be here so theres no negative Nancy's there... theres classes like resume'(how to spruce up yours) and interview dos and donts.
OK ill sign up n go to a few.
Been kinda boring the last few days... Found some black mold in my bathroom under the bathroom sink.. Ive left a note with maintenance but so far heard nothing.
Well not much else going on in my little world.
Hoping Paul will be coming over tonite.. I have this bad feeling he wont.. but i dont know.
I really wanna see him I miss him...

Life.... and my stress

Tomorrow I think my destination will be to the unemployment office. WOW I need a job in a bad bad way.
Right now I am on state assistance.. (Dont be hatin) Its hard when u get abandoned in a state 1000+ miles away from all family and about 30-45 minutes away from any store with No car no money hardly any food and 3 kids in a house that was practically falling apart.
So yes when I moved back to NH i did get on assistance.. and till now I really haven't had the right chance to go back to work.. with Kate(4) being home still.. but now that all THREE kids are in school (YAY!!!) I can and i do want too. So off to unemployment office tomorrow.... Really hope they can help me out some.
I hate being on state aid.. I really do.. I mean its a freaking god send YES.. but to provide for your family yourself is a great feeling and a feeling i used to have back in the day... I want that feeling again tho but its different this time.. its just ME ... I have NO SKILLS... All Ive ever done is work at frigging Hannaford and Dunkin Donuts. Ive been out of work for about 6-8 yrs now. That's not gonna fully support a family of 4.. :( I wanted to go back to cosmetology classes and even went for an interview but the students loans were stressing me so badly i almost had a panic attack one nite.. so i didn't go back to do the grants and loans BS and canceled my appointment. Wish me luck tomorrow.

FaceBook Games...

WOW are the face book games addicting.
One I'm especially addicted to is Bejeweled Blitz.. I can honestly (yet sadly) admit to playing this game for 3+ hours at a time!! I even bought the app on my Ipod Touch because i wanted an easier more convenient way to play it right at my finger tips.

Whats your Facebook game Poison??

The Collector.

GORY movie but really good the first time only.. its just one of them movies that once u see it the first time, Uve seen it all u need too. :) Gore factor A++

Making up my own movie rating system... 1 to 5 Crystals.. 1 being crap dont bother 5 being wicked awesome..dont miss out on this one! Yeaa.. Im a dork. :)

Giving THE COLLECTOR 3.5 Crystals :)


I checked my mail today and to my surprise the papers that i need to serve Dan with arrived! YAY! Im gonna attempt to mail them today if i can get out of my own way... I so really want this marriage to be done and over with not that it will rid of me him completely unfortunitly... I wish.
I mean really have you ever thought of some one and just seen red... just have so much hatred for that person that u just start to shake inside!? Thats how he makes me feel... When i saw him in July i was nervous before hand.. wondering.. how would i react? It had been a yr sence i had seen him last so i wasnt sure... would i want to hug him!? Well let me tell u some thing.. when he came in to get the kids that morning.... I couldnt even look at him.... just seeing him walk thru the apartment... EEEERRRRR seeing the stupid way he sways as he walks... This is MY place...I relized VERY quickly that i didnt want him here and couldnt wait for him to leave!
He pretended to be worlds greatest dad.. while his sisters paid for everything he got to do with the kids... In reality though worlds greatest dad wouldnt have taken off out of state and barley send money to help support his kids and certainly wouldnt have sat back relaxing.. drinking it up and playing ina band having a grand ole time for 6 months while his 3 kids that he loves SOOOOOO much were homeless hoppin from one persons place to another.. and almost having to go to a homeless shelter! Thank god for My mom and Paul!! letting me stay there with the kids in their tiny 1 bedrooms... and Thank god for Christine for taking the boys for me on the weekends alot durren that time... so i wouldnt have 3 bored kids at moms or pauls place.. and as much as i hate her now, but Dans sisters took the kids alot durren that time too..
To have this divorce final will be like ive been born again... totally FREE... not tied to any man. Paul and I will never marry.. I will NEVER marry in general... ever again!! Ive made one mistake why make another.... If things are going good.. why ruin a good thing with a paper binding u together........ What the hell was I thinking??


Figure ill give this blog thing another go... Im Crystal a seperated(getting divorced) mom of 3 Living in New Hampshire... Born n raised here actually... March 13th 1979 i came into the world.. it was a tuesday i think... but anyways... :) I have 2 boys and a daughter.. all 3 are in school now.. wow thats left soooo much more ME time u wouldnt beleave it.. Im a big Facebooker.. and love all my facebook games... Go ahead and add me if u want. :) The last yr or two have been, well lets say stressfull. Im in the middle of a divorce... kinda, im waiting on papers. and my ex lives in Florida and contacts the kids by skype..(add me.. :) ) and talks to them now once a week...
We got married back on Nov 25th 2000, or was it the 20th?? which ever.. I married him.. we honeymooned in Vermont.. and In october 2001 had our first son and then in July 2003 we had our second.. and then in September 2005 we had our daughter ... In 2006 we moved to Florida.. ahhh Florida.. i loved them days.. so much independence .. My husband got a truck drivers lisence and we were doing very well for ourselves FINALLY! things seemed on track... but things were never great! (except the sex that was Good..i said good not spectacular..) for years i wanted out.. but yea... I was too chicken and afraid of the after effects of it all....
I did some thing im not proud about... Its called SECOND LIFE.. LOL its a game on line... u make an avatar and name it, dress it.. and can even talk to other people who play in real time.. pretty dam cool kinda if ur into that shit. Well I got into it and pretty quickly too. It basically broke the marriage up especially when he found out what i was doing on there.. :( I wasnt being a good wife.. I was talking to men.. dirty talk.. and even started talking to them on the phone... yes i know how horrible of me.. but u know what they made me feel loved when no one else did. and really besides for that i cant say anything eles bout why i did it... but I did. we split for a short time.. maybe 3 weeks.. and then we decided to get together again and try again... and we moved to freaking Texas... I hated Texas from day ONE! Soon after we got to Texas He got a job again over the road... and once he was gone i reverted back to my old ways... Yes i know.. Im horrible. Started to talking to another guy and really.. as crazy as this sounds... I fell in love with him... He was 9 yrs younger then me.. but i loved him.... we talked thru txt and over the phone but mostly in game..In april 2009 on easter morning was when my husband left me and three kids in texas in the middle of no where no car and no money... skip ahead a few rotten months.. to June 16th ... I was talking to a facebook buddy of mine Lisa.. she was the sister to an ex boy friend of mine... we ll she gave me her brothers number i txtd him and we have been together ever sence... we talked every nite or morning...or both for hours.. i was falling for him all over again. July 14th 2009 I flew with the help of my brother.. me and the 3 kids back here to NH where we were gonna have to start our lives over again.... the very next morning i got to see my ex bf for the first time in 13 yrs! He looked exactly the same! :) we have spent every weekend together ever sence. :) and in Feb 2010 he told me he loved me!
Well skip ahead to NOW.. September 12th 2010... Kids are all in school.. Im gonna be looking for a job SOON.. Paul(my hunny) still spends weekends with me and the kids.. Dan(the ex hubby) is still in Florida....Just trying to survive each day without having a complete mental breakdown... Its 1;40 am and i gotta be up in 5 hours... WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING??